What to pack for your January Ski Trip

There's no doubt about it...skiing early in the season is a wonderful thing to do. But there are a few challenges. First it's likely the weather will be colder and it may snow (a lot!) whilst you are there. You might want to consider wearing really warm ski wear and even go for a downfilled ski jacket to make sure you stay cosy on the slopes. There are fitted ones....

And boxy shapes too.

Keeping warm and stylish is key to enjoying your time in the mountains. Layering has been proven to be the best way to keep warm as you are warmed not only by the items you wear but also the air between the layers. Our base layers are simply divine. Here are just a few by S'no Queen to tempt you...


You might prefer to consider a ski suit for the ultimate in cosiness. If it's a really cold day, we've worn a ski jacket over the top for max warmth.

Even a sleeveless ski suit can help keep you warm. And you get extra versatility as it's perfect for spring skiing too. The bodice acts as an extra layer of insulation. 

Warm hands, warm heart - cold hands, want to go home! Our collection of ski mittens and gloves are super snug.


Helmet hair, we don't care. Your hair woes solved by slipping on this gorgeous headband when you go to a mountain restaurant at lunchtime.


To keep you safe a helmet is a must (at any time of year). We have some fab ones by Goldbergh with visors included. But if you prefer a separate goggle and visor, the helmets by new label Deneriaz are stunning. They are light in weight and heavy on the safety and style.  

It's lovely to walk around mountain villages. These beautiful Butsu snow boots by Goldbergh in black or soft grey are picture perfect. 

And you know there's going to be sunshine sometimes too, so don't forget your sunglasses to help protect you from the glare and well, they just look really cool!

Your lips will feel the cold and you'll want to prevent chapping. Our top tip is to use Albus & Flora lip balms. They're a treatment, sheer tint and spf rolled into one cute little tube. The colours a sheer and provide a tiny hint of the tone you see below. Winternational team favourite is the snowberry red colour. Which colour will you choose?

Stop draughts with a neck warmer. These are no ordinary buffs, but chic, soft and long. Perfect for keeping winter winds at bay.

Après is the perfect time to show how chic and casual you can be. Our collection of cashmere and athleisure wear will help you dress down in comfort and style.

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