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Keep your make up on your face, not your fask mask— by TAMSIN BURFORD

Goldbergh Loes face mask
Goldbergh Loes face mask

Personally I prefer to keep my make up on my face and not on my face mask! I'm crazy that way. 

Speaking with girlfriends and customers alike,  it seems we've all been battling with foundation smears on the inside of our masks. Plus many of us have been suffering the dreaded "Maskne"!

Make up transfer occurs when there is friction/rubbing between your face and the mask which makes sense. But additionally it can be increased by your skin type plus moisture build up. Of course, being skiers we're way ahead of the curve as we have been wearing scarves and buffs up over our faces for ages. Hopefully we can apply some of the same tips. I've spoken to some beauticians and aestheticians too and come up with some helpful advice. 


Ultrasun tinted sunscreen

Protect your face from your face mask by keeping your skin really clean

Pop on a primer if your skin is dry otherwise head straight for a tinted sunscreen. Why? The best suggestion is to minimise the amount of product you are placing on your skin. A tinted sunscreen will give you some coverage and balance out colour whilst offering long lasting sun protection and moisturization. This has been my preferred solution for years and the Ultrasun products are wonderful. Plus a bit of fake tan is a huge help!

Lip tint is kind to winter damaged lips

Use lip balm or lip tint on after applying your sunscreen. The lip balm will adhere better then. You'll end up with lips that are protected for longer. 

Want more colour to your lip tint? Founder of Albus & Flora Rachel Williams suggests faintly outlining your lips with a lip pencil first to build colour. 

Albus & Flora tinted lip balms with spf
Bare Minerals Serum Mascara

Prime your skin to face the winter and keep your make up in place

Eyeshadow primer is really helpful at sealing in the moisture generated by face and ski masks. If you want to wear eyeshadow then this step is a must. 

Exaggerate your eyes with a beautiful mascara. I'm obsessed with the new Bare Minerals serum infused mascara that lengthens and strengthens over time as well as making my puny eyelashes look nice from the first swipe. 

Fixing spray to keep your make up from rubbing off inside your mask

A quick squirt of fixing spray can keep your make up/sunscreen/tint in place. And they all smell pretty good too. 

We received positive recommendations on a few amazing products including Mac Fix +, Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Lancome's Setting Spray. I've been using the Caudalie one as recommended by the wonderful and always chic @lydiamillen but next I fancy trying this Lancome one as seen on Kat Farmer, aka @doesmybumlook40!

Lancome Setting Spray

So there you have it. A simple set of suggestions on how to keep looking good on the slopes, inside your mask, and when you rip that mask off!

If you have any other great ideas, please let me know. I am sure we can all help each other looking and feeling our best. With love, Tamsin

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