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Luxury Faux Fur or No Fur Ski Jackets

Luxury Faux Fur or No Fur Ski Jackets

Luxury Faux Fur or No Fur Ski Jackets for Women

Looking for a luxurious ski jacket that ticks all the right boxes? Well made, gorgeously cut and with no fur or trimmed with faux fur? You are in the right place. Winternational has a whole collection of beautifully styled and cut ski jackets and ski wear with no fur or with faux fur options. 

Goldbergh Soldis Navy Blue Faux Fur Ski Jacket with belt

I love the design of this dark blue ski jacket: downfilled but not bulky and with a great faux fur trim that creates a complete mountain look that you'll enjoy wearing on the slopes.

Tamsin Burford, Director and Founder Winternational.co.uk
Poivre Blanc ladies ski jackets

Poivre Blanc Faux Fur Ski Jackets - French style for the slopes

Poivre Blanc luxury ski jackets feature a wide and generous faux fur trim and beautiful styling. True to size, these ski jackets are an affordable luxury as they have a much lower price point than many other designer ski wear brands. 

Goldbergh Ski Jackets with No Fur


Red, downfilled and shorter length! A real showstopper with a star design on the back of the hood. 


Velvet detailing, shaped and warm. A full hood covered in soft velvet, downfilled chevrons create a slimming shape. 


Leopard print and downfilled. This gorgeous ski jacket by Goldbergh in animal print goes perfectly with the matching base layers and scarf. 


A stretch ski base layer with thermal properties and made in leopard print, so your après ski is as chic as you want it to be!

Ski Suits

Ski suits are one way to make yourself stand out on the slopes. Our close fitting ski suits come in stretch fabrics and can be worn with or without hoods and allow you the freedom to move and look and feel wonderful.                    

Beautiful Empress in Black

Glam in Fuschia


Amazing Empress in white with Angel ski helmet


Bogner at its Best

Oversized, pink and fun...wear this jacket tucked up or loose. You'll enjoy the colour either way. Satin finish for a statement look!

A ski parka which is flexible enough to wear at home too.

Fusalp - Parisian chic for the Alps

French label Fusalp are based in Annecy and they know a thing or two about creating chic ski wear, in fact they know a lot. Fusalp are on the verge of becoming fur free and what this means is they are constantly working on manufacturing super soft faux fur. WIth great attention to sustainability in terms of their manufacturing and whole supply chain, you can rest assured that garments from Fusalp are environmentally kind and socially kind too. 

Assyla ski jacket

A premium product, the Assyla features a really generous faux fur lined hood that can be worn turned in or outwards. It is a longer length ski jacket that packs a huge punch in terms of performance but is understated and very chic. Teamed here with the world famous Tipi II ski pants - one of Fusalp's key products. 

Nanssil by Fusalp

Wearable and affordable - this black ski jacket has a soft faux fur lined hood and features small chevrons on the upper bodice. Looking for a lower cost luxury ski jacket, then look no further. 

Kelly by Sissy of Monte Carlo

Perfectly made ski wear from a small team base in Monaco andMonte Carlo, Kelly by Sissy design ski wear that looks as good as it feels. Nor no fur options, this brand is your best friend. If you are the kind of person who likes to discover unusual brands and not wear the same as everyone else, then this is the kind of label for you. The luxury ski jackets are lightweight in feel but not in terms of performance. The styling is forward thinking with close attention to detail for upcoming colours and looks. This means that these pieces last longer and look great too. 

Après chic - faux fur fun

Planning on partying - why not take this beautiful black faux fur gilet for a whirl? Soft, strong and quite long, this is one piece you will turn to again and again. Not just for your ski holidays, wear this fake fur gilet to travel in, to go shopping in, pop some cashmere underneath and you are good to go. 

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