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Klarna Payments

Klarna is a well established payment service provider and takes payments fro over 70,000 online stores and has over 60 million customers worldwide.

Klarna takes responsibility to handle your payments securely.

Am I eligible to pay by Klarna?

Klarna is subject to your financial circumstances and you must be at least 18 years old to use the service. Your credit rating will not be affected during an initial assessment.

Pay in 3 instalments - no interest or additional fees

Go to checkout as normal and select Pay in 3.

Just like a regular checkout, but with the benefit you can choose to Pay in 3 instalments. You can spread the cost over three equal payments ver 60 days with no interest or additional fees.

The first instalment is taken when you place the order and the remaining two payments are taken automatically in 30 and 60 days time. 

A minimum spend of £35 and maximum spend of £1000. 

What do I need to provide?

You'll need to provide your full name, billing address and email address when making a purchase using Klarna. A mobile phone number and date of birth may also be required with some orders.

Please check these personal details are correct as otherwise you will not receive your payment information. All payment information, reminders and statements will be sent to your email address.