Social Responsibility

Winternational is working very hard to be the best we can be in every area of our business. It's a continual process and we welcome your input. We're a small company and hope we can create something meaningful whilst doing as little harm as possible to the wonderful world we live in.  


We're constantly evaluating the packaging we use so that we can offer the best services to you whilst looking after the environment.

At present we are campaigning with suppliers to utilise the best packing with the lowest carbon footprint in terms of production and delivery and also examining new packaging technologies.

Currently our boxes are made from recycled materials and are FSC approved. They can be recycled too!

Tissue papers are FSC approved. This means products used are from managed forests and in using this product we're helping to ensure our forests are alive and thriving for future generations. 

Our mailing bags and garment wrappers are recyclable and biodegradable. This takes a long time and therefore we're looking for more sustainable solutions. 

We try to use the minimum packaging we can whilst still ensuring your products reach you in perfect condition. 


85% of all our garments are cool/hand wash and we are working towards getting this even higher. 

All the paper we use is made from recycled materials - whether this is your invoice or our office notepads. 

All cartridges from our printers are recycled. We send them to The Recycling Factory. 

We urge the reuse of all office materials and have a no paper cup policy. Luckily we all adore Emma Bridgewater pottery so this is no hardship!


We select suppliers who reflect our own views on sourcing and production and who regard the welfare of workers and the environment as vitally important.

Production is focused on using less water and creating less waste whilst creating and maintaining a healthy working environment.

We're proud to say that most of the garments we sell are produced to the very high Bluesign standard. This is an international independent standard based on resource productivity, consumer safety, air and water emissions as well as worker health and safety. There is total transparency along the textile production line with no compromises on functionality, quality or design. 

OEKO TEX Standard 1000 is a testing, audit and certification system for environmentally friendly operations in textile and clothing industries. The aim is to continuously improve performance and working conditions. Many of the garments we sell are produced to this standard.

We continue to encourage our designers and manufacturers to adopt environmentally friendly production techniques. 


We only work with reliable courier companies who view driver welfare and the environment as being extremely important. 

Winternational is partnering with DHL as part of their GoGreen initiative to offset all carbon emissions. Via a carbon calculation tool, DHL assesses each shipment’s carbon emissions, fuel usage, energy consumption and shipment data. This tool is patented and is the backbone of the unique service that DHL Express offers customers.

This system, in conjunction with a carbon management system, identifies the most appropriate abatement projects, coordinates the offsetting of emissions and then with an independent third party, issues certificates that detail the annual carbon offset data for the customer.


We are committed to providing support to charities and charitable events. To date we have worked with Disability Snowsport UK, the Ahoy Centre, Supporting Wounded Veterans and Breast Cancer Care

Fur, Shearling and Hide trims

The fur, shearling and hide that accompanies some of our jackets, shoes and bags is sourced from reputable farms, including Saga furs where animal welfare is considered very important.

Many companies claim to be fur free whilst still selling shearling, hide and leather.  

It is our understanding that fur, shearling, leather and hide are natural byproducts as the whole animal is used for other things including the manufacture of shoes and handbags as well as the pet food many of us feed our pets.