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A couple of years ago at a networking event, I was fortunate enough to meet a real powerhouse called Jacynth Bassett. As we got to know one another Jacynth and I realised we had a lot in common. We're both entrepreneurs, we both have small independent online boutiques and we are both truly committed to working with other small businesses as well as wanting to support and empower women via the clothing choices they make. And yet, we couldn't be more different...I am tall and my sons are Jacynth's age. She's a city dweller and I am a country girl at heart. And yet...we clicked. 

Jacynth set up her online store after becoming inspired following her mother's frustration and disappointment with clothes shopping. The Bias Cut was formed to offer an alternative to the status quo of shopping, to challenge the myths and legends that surround dressing with style as you age. The boutique stocks a range of clothes you won't find everywhere...another similarity with Winternational. Jacynth and I go out of our way to find unusual labels with styles that work. Really interestingly, The Bias Cut doesn't use models for its website but real people and real customers. it's so refreshing!

One day over coffee, we came up with the plan to hold a photoshoot together using stock from each other's boutiques. This was to be no fancy photoshoot with lighting, stylists and hair and make up. Just us in Jacynth's home! Keeping it real and fun. 

Jacynth has skied only once (she plans to go again now she's seen our ski wear!) She's petite and the ski wear swamped her, leaving her feeling unfashionable and unstylish and not her normal chic self. I tend to wear a lot of greys, and blues and blacks and Jacynth felt she had garments that would help me step out of my comfort zone in a good way.

We spent a very happy day at Jacynth's house in London posing and styling to our heart's content. Whilst we were modelling away, in the garden two or three urban foxes were playing. All in all it was a wonderful day and we plan to do another shoot. It was so fulfilling to learn more about each other's businesses and clothing...and in fact we both fell in love with some of the outfits. 

Here's Jacynth in our Goldbergh Nuvola cocoon ski jacket and underneath is a S'No Queen Classic Zip Thermal.

Jacynth is now wearing our Goldbergh Kuga leopard print ski thermal plus Paris ski pants and the perfect bag for the pistes, Velia. Come to think of it, this little bag is perfect for pretty much anywhere and so stylish too. 

Jacynth shows her ideal outfit for New Year's Eve in the mountains. I could not agree more and the red shoes are the best. The Hyo leopard print leggings are very chic and the details include sports stripes down the length of the leg which is flattering. The Dolce Vita top comes in black and greys too and is one of my favourites. 

Close up of the sequins and glittery sports stripes!

And here I am, loving every moment with my dear friend Jacynth! This red blouse softly drapes and the tie waste was subtle way of upping the stakes. The earrings were Jacynth's suggestion - I've never worn costume jewellery but these were fun, comfy and really brought a lot to the look. 

This coat is super cosy with a sense of fun and yet smart enough to wear around town. Can you tell from my smile how much I loved it?!

This velvet evening jacket would see you through winter events for years. 


This Enigma cashmere jumper was designed by Jacynth. I'm super proud of my clever and talented friend. It's butter soft and the wine coloured details are eyecatching without shouting about it. I styled this jumper off shoulder but you can wear it normally too. 

Another jumper from Jacynth's new cashmere range. The Mercury is wide and cosy and the cuffs stand out in complimentary greys. 















Here we both are with Jacynth modelling the Mercury jumper and me in the Neo jumper. I love this photo as it demonstrates so well how the beautiful cashmere garments work with different ages, sizes and styles. Jacynth is wearing the same size I wore and it looks so different and, obviously we are very different ages and sizes. The flexibility of the "Jacynth" range is clear to see. What a great addition to any wardrobe - it's all about slow and versatile fashion. Clothes you'll get years of wear out of. I'd urge you all to go to visit Jacynth's store online and visit her in person when she does a pop up shop.

And watch this space for another Bias Cut and Winternational photoshoot. 

With love,


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