Six pieces every skier needs

1. A ski jacket for every shape

From sleek silhouettes to voluminous soft shapes, ski jackets come in a variety of styles. A ski jacket should be a considered make sure it fits with all of your winter wardrobe. As perfect for après ski as it is for the slopes. 

Choose a colour you know works with your skin tone. Don't feel you should stick to pure black but if you are wedded to it, then even a hint of colour can be truly eyecatching. 

Consider the length you prefer. Slim hipped skiers can try a cropped look. Those with hourglass shapes should research belted ski jackets to make the most of their form and figure. Apple shaped could consider a blouson style and pear shaped can try a belted or curved hem ski jacket. 

Goldbergh Soldis Ski Jacket

This Soldis jacket is warm, downfilled but not voluminous a plain black belt. You can up the style stakes by changing ski pants for a coloured version!

Goldbergh Idunn Ski Jacket

The Idunn by Goldbergh is gently fitted and features a soft velvet v shape across the chest.  It comes with and without fur and you can pair it with this wonderful bag in leopard print too!

2. Ski trousers to refresh your look

Changing ski pants is an easy way to refresh your ski style. Always worn a classic pant, head for a skinny pair to up your style game. Bored of the triple layered ski trousers...try the beautiful bootcut versions in soft Schoeller for warmth, comfort and sleekness.

Goldbergh Paris stirrup ski pant

The skinny stirrup Paris ski pants by Goldbergh are a delight. Warmth and stretch comes from Schoeller fabrics and the high waist completes the look. 

Goldbergh Pippa Stretch Ski Pant

Goldbergh make the Pippa ski pant in a just boot cut style. The shape is super flattering. Probably the reason why this ski pant is our best seller year on year. 

Goldbergh Pamina Bootcut ski pant

Bringing sports luxe and athleisure trends to the slopes! The Paige pant has a silver thread running as a on the outer leg. leg lengthening and slimming with a nod to the most current of trends. 

3. A helmet is a necessity

When ski helmets look this good, you want to wear them! Lightweight, comfortable and even with built in goggles, there is no easier way to safeguard yourself on the slopes and still look stylish. 

Deneriaz Torino Black and Red Ski Helmet

Red and black Torino by Deneriaz

Goldbergh Angel Ski Helmet with Visor

The Goldbergh Angel helmet with visor worn here with the Empress white ski suit

Manbi Ski Helmet with Visor

Black helmet with visor by Manbi

4. Add super soft base layers  

Base layers can help make or break your holiday. No one wants to be cold on the ski slopes. Fine base layers teamed with a warm second layer can be wonderful for very cold days. On normal skiing days or warmer days, just a simple base layer or thermal will be perfect. 

FLOA soft grey ski base layer

Fab soft grey base layer by new label FLOA

S'No Queen silk thermal top and leggings

S'No Queen make thermals you want to be seen in

H Holderness Bellecote Base Layer and Snow Leopard thermal leggings

A second layer like this one from Kelly by Sissy can make a huge difference on a very cold day. 

5. Love your gloves (and mittens!)

Some prefer gloves and others prefer mittens...but don't be without them. And air them out at the end of each day skiing so that they are dry and comfy for the next day on the slopes. 

Goldbergh Leather Ski Gloves for women
Hando leather and fur mittens in redHilja leather mittens in blackHilja leather mittens in white

6. Sunscreen and lip balm!

The sunshine and the cold temperature, high altitude and wind can play havoc on the skin and most especially the lips. So keep yours moist and protected with lip balm. Our lip balms are courtesy of Albus & Flora and Ultrasun. Using only organic and natural products, the Albus & FLora lip balms are packed with spf and provide a hint of colour with their sheer tint technology. Add a lip liner to turn these lip balms into a fab lipstick for day or night, anywhere and anytime. 

Lip balms by Albus & Flora

Ultrasun 30spf sunscreen with shimmer

Sunscreen with shimmer

Yes please! As soon as we saw this product, we knew it would go down well with the Winternational customers A lot of sun protection packed in with a bit of glamorous shimmer!

Ultrasun Sports Gel

Transparent sun protection with antioxidents in a gel formulation for longlasting sun protection. Water resistant and on-greasy so perfect for outdoor sports activities. 

Ultrasun Sports gel sunscreen with 30spf

Ultrasun Face with spf30

Ultrasun Face Sunscreen with SPF 30

A moisturising sunscreen with anti-ageing ingredients. Containing Ectoin for active DNA and cell protection, which is proven to prevent UVA-induced premature photo ageing. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that neutralises skin damaging free radical activity stimulated by exposure to the sun. Also Boron Nitride (the Science of Softness) which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. These are all nourishing properties plump and reduce the loss of the skin’s own moisture content. Use instead of your daily moisturiser for long lasting protection.

Ultrasun Extreme Sunscreen with SPF50

In areas with high wind speeds and very reflective surfaces (like snow!) this sunscreen aims to provide robust protection even for sensitive skins. 

Ultrasun Extreme with SPF50

There's more we could add...goggles, backpacks, belt bags, sunglasses and après ski cashmere...but this was meant to be a must have kind of list. 

If you have any questions about sizes or styles or anything else, just send an email to or call us on 00441235760077 - we're here to help!

Happy skiing from all the team at Winternational x

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