Luxury Ski wear for Women

 Luxury Ski Wear for Women

We like to think (and hope you'll agree) that our ski wear isn't just a luxury but one of the key essentials for your holiday. The mountains call for a different wardrobe? Really??? Well yes in part they do. You'll need your ski wear for starters and for your main course...just kidding. Your ski wear is never a starter. For us it is everything. And let us share with you, if you aren't prepared and dressed appropriately it'll be one tough, cold holiday. And style - there's should always be style. And if Coco Chanel didn't say that, then she should have. 

You'll want to think about après ski too whether that is lounging and games in the chalet, fun drinks in the bar, fondue to share or cosy nights in with the family. 

The Kaja ski jacket with its stretch panels is one of our super luxury ski jackets and the Roar ski pants by Goldbergh are slimming and flattering. The whole look is so chic.

by Tamsin Burford, Director at Winternational 
Poivre Blanc ski wear for women at Winternational

Poivre Blanc' stretch ski jacket is comfy, warm and luxurious to wear. 

Luxury ski wear for women by Poivre Blanc at Winternational

A one piece ski suit fits perfectly underneath! And is a simple way to create your luxury ski look. 

Luxury Ski Accessories 

The chic way to keep warm and safe in the snow.

Steiner Radiator Heated Ski Glove

The ultimate in luxury ski wear? Heated ski gloves!

Ladies Black Ski Helmet with Visor

A key part of any one's designer ski wear look is a fab ski helmet. 

Goldbergh Hando Leather and Fur Mittens

Goldbergh's Hando mittens in lava red are one easy way to keep your fingers warm in the winter. 

Ski in Style (and still be warm)

You enjoy the slopes, feel confident, don't get ski lift envy about other people's ski outfits and you feel comfy, warm, happy and relaxed. Life is too short and so are skiing holidays. So wear that ski outfit, ski down that difficult run, reward yourself with every mountain conquered!                        

Poivre Blanc Gothic Blue Ski Jacket for Women

Red ski wear looks great on the white snow

Go Wild in the Mountains

Patterns are one easy way to stand out from the crowd and you can go jacket, or pants or scarf or bag...or really go for it in a one piece ski suit. 

Goldbergh Glam Ski Suit with Hood
Stripey Coral ski jacket for women from Kelly by Sissy at Winternational

Coral and animal stripes are a fun and easy way to strike a pose on the slopes.

Stripey Grey Animal Print ski jacket for women from Kelly by Sissy at Winternational

Muted grey tones with flashes of lime - this designer ski jacket is special and unique and from a small label in Monaco.

Goldbergh's Lua Leopard Print women's designer ski jacket

Leopard print is exciting and lively and unexpected. Here it is created in four way stretch by Goldbergh - chic ski pants that are warm and reassuringly comfy

Goldbergh's luxury leopard print ski pants for women

Stand out on the slopes in bright colours

Sportalm's luxury ski jacket for Women
Luxury ski jacket in purple with fur trim at Winternational

The four way stretch ski suit Pearl is exciting, colour blocking and vibrant.

Purple designer ski jacket from Sportalm Kitzbuhel at Winternational

Wow pink ski suit and faux fur gilet by Goldbergh are pretty and fun

Ski Backpacks with Style

Trendy rucksacks for skiing
Designer backpacks and rucksacks and beltbags for skiing
Luxury travel bags for women skiers

For the perfect sunscreen, lip balm, phone, sunglasses and tissue holder look no further! Be the one who has it all...literally! In our lightweight bags you won't be weighed down but you'll have all that you need to make your ski day seem effortless. 

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