Luxury Ski Jackets

Luxury fashion means fashion or garments produced in a specifically designed way, following patterns designed by a skilled design director and their team rather than formulated and made in a factory. You’d be surprised just how much of the high street and your favourite every day brands sell you clothing they haven’t designed.

So why a luxury ski jacket?

You’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to sacrifice style or quality and that is why you chose to buy luxury ski wear from a designer ski wear retailer with significant experience in ski wear styling, performance and fashion. You want to be sure that if you need advice you’re getting it from people who know a lot about fashion and form in combination with the requirements of the mountain.

You’ll be pleased to know that the design teams of luxury ski fashion houses are often small and focus closely on the things they know customers want now or have wanted or will want from their garments. So you can expect extra focus on fit, structure, insulation and compression of insulation, performance as well as the more glamorous areas of fabric and design solutions. The luxury ski jacket may bring with it hidden belt loops for example, so that the designer ski jacket can be worn both with and without a belt. If it’s supposed to be body hugging then the skier will still be able to ski and move easily without being restricted and fabric recovery will be instantaneous.

Time is spent on fabric design with many designer brands creating their own fabrics and insulation. Other luxury ski brands work with fabric manufacturers and occupy a space at the cutting (!) edge of technology bringing new capabilities and performance to their clothing which results in warmer, lighter, more wind resistant and water resistant garments for the skier.

The utility value of a luxury ski jacket or designer ski wear should not be overlooked. The mountains can be harsh cold places and it’s better to go out prepared to look and feel good in the extreme Alpine weather conditions, knowing that great attention has been paid to the performance capabilities of your ski wear.

A luxury ski jacket should be a thing of beauty. Whether it is simple in style and pared back for a sports lux aesthetic or a glamorous garment with more embellishment, it is a form of slow fashion. It’s a garment you treasure and look forward to wearing during your precious time in the mountains. Cared for well, luxury ski jackets can last for years.

This season colours to watch are wines (yes please!), neons, metallics as well as the standards of reds, blues and blacks. We’re also seeing some earth and neutral tones making an appearance for a relevant, natural but very stylish vibe. Some luxury ski wear can move to street wear and you might find your beautiful ski jacket is so wearable that you’re praying for snow all winter long.

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