Interview with Milos of Emmegi

The deluxe designer ski wear label Emmegi has been a design partner of Winternational since 2007. Each season Emmegi creates a fabulous collection of stylish, chic ski wear with a nod to the past as well as a focus on the future. The designs are clever as they not only look good on the slopes but offer warmth and comfort to the wearer. Our full collection of Emmegi skiwear features Winternational exclusives too. 

Milos Gvozdich, the famous model, had started designing a range of leather jackets for women. At a party he met up with an old friend who was acting as an agent for a skiwear company and one thing led to another and Emmegi or MG (the combination of Milos' initials) was born!

Under Milos' guidance, Emmegi has won a string of high profile design awards and as a designer, Milos is always pushing boundaries and introducing new fabrics and styles to the luxury ski wear market. He even designs his own fabrics from time to time.

Based in Salzburg, Emmegi the label continues to be a firm favourite with European skiers and now has fans all over the world, in the States, Russia and Far East.

Here Milos reflects on his career, love of skiing and fashion, inspiration and the constant development of his creativity and the brand Emmegi with Tamsin Burford, Creative Director of Winternational... 

Winternational: So where did you grow up Milos?

Milos: In Italy, first years Rome and then later in Udine, north of Venice.

Winternational: How lovely! How old were you when you first skied and in which resort?

Milos: Pretty late! In fact I never even saw snow until I moved to Austria at the age of 14 years.

Winternational: And your favourite ski resort?

Milos: Lech and Zurs in Austria!

Winternational: Love Lech! We've had some great skiing there and delicious food too. Have you always worked in fashion?

Milos: Yes first as a model though.

Winternational: And that lead to working in design, first in leather and then ski wear. Where do you get your entrepreneurial spirit?

Milos: I like the challenge.

Winternational: So you'd decided to form Emmegi, what was the inspiration?

Milos: The wish to see if what was in my head was good enough.

Winternational: Well it certainly is! We love your designs and so do our clients. It's lovely hearing from customers who are so happy to have found us and so happy to enjoy every moment of their skiing holiday feeling and looking good on the slopes. It's the best part of our job, apart form working with lovely designers such as yourself of course!! What is the best thing about your job?

Milos: To see my creativity is accepted worldwide.

Winternational: Your proudest moment in business?

Milos: When customers say "This is a really great collection."

Winternational: Emmegi has been very successful and running for many years. It's one of those go-to labels for chic and stylish, fitted ski wear. How do you keep getting inspired. You always show such enthusiasm and energy.

Milos: The world is changing, new trends and new spirits... I try to feel the mood.

Winternational: And do you think that ski fashion is possibly influenced by other fashion trends?

Milos: Partly.

Winternational: It's interesting seeing how trends come to the ski slopes and also how they don't. This in particular is fascinating. We love that with ski wear there is more timelessness. It's not about fast fashion or even following fashion.

Milos: Exactly!

Winternational: I think it is about being yourself. Whose look on or off the piste do you most admire?

Milos:Those whose look matches their personality.

Winternational: That is so true. It's really great to hear you say that. It encapsulates our view at Winternational too. More about being true to yourself and valuing your enjoyment of the clothes and your skiing as well as the mountains. The most important question...what will you have for us for the slopes this season?

 Milos: Good question. As far as concerns me, designs with great impact. Pure Emmegi!

And with that he's off, back to working in his studio in Salzburg, dreaming up new figure-skimming ski wear to tempt, delight and inspire us! You can see the full collection by Milos and Emmegi here.

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