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Planning a ski trip is one thing but planning one for your family has its own set of challenges.

There are a few things you need to take into account when skiing with the family, such as child friendly services, safety, and entertainment opportunities for the adults.

We know how difficult it can be to find the right place when taking all the above on board. To assist you, we’ve put together 7 tips for choosing the best ski resorts for your family:

Snow Sure

The one huge factor to consider is if there’ll actually be any snow!

The last thing you want is for you and your family to arrive and there’s nothing to ski on. This is particularly crucial if you’re travelling either early or late in the season.

Some resorts are guaranteed snow all year round (or possess glaciers) but not all, so make sure you check in advance!


Travel to and from anywhere can be a big obstacle in any holiday plans - add children into the mix and it gets all the more difficult.

If your resort is close enough that it needn’t warrant a long flight or bus transfer, then it’ll largely reduce a lot of major discomfort, alongside other issues. 

Train journeys taking you straight to the Alps and short private transfers from the airport are ideal if travelling with your family, so any resorts that are within reach through these methods are worth going for.

Are you Travelling with Babies?

While on the subject of travelling with young children, there are a few factors to consider if you’re travelling with very young infants.

The most important factor to consider is the altitude and its effect on your children. Babies under a year old are less able to deal with the change in pressure and oxygen level.

While young children are also affected, they may be much better at handling it. Babies are less likely to understand what’s happening and more likely to react – you don’t want your small child vocally expressing their pain throughout your holiday.

If possible, choosing a ski resort at a lower altitude will be a far better option, as many will still have access to slopes at higher altitudes.

Ease of Access

In the same vein as the above, make sure your resort has easy access to its child-friendly facilities.

Any resorts requiring lengthy travel times (either by foot or vehicle) should be crossed from your list. Ideally, your accommodation should be very close to the ski lifts.

 It can be draining having to carry all of your equipment (including your children’s) to the slopes every day, so make sure your resort offers accommodation with easy access.


There’ll be situations where you’ll want to enjoy your own time on the slopes, but you’ll need somewhere for your children to be occupied.

 Many resorts will offer childcare services with professional carers who are both experienced and DBS checked.

 Each resort will offer slightly different services, so do your research and see which one fits your checklist. If you’re not 100% happy with the service you’ve picked, it can detract from your overall experience, so take your time and research!

Family Friendly Activities

Even though we’re talking about ski holidays, many resorts will offer a range of activities.

If you’re looking to get off the slopes for a while, then a resort housing some family friendly activities will be the ideal choice.

Many will offer water sports and swimming pools, as well as some amazingly scenic hiking routes.

 Is It Quiet?

An underrated factor when considering a resort is how busy it’ll be.

In general, most would assume a busier resort equals a better resort. However, for those with young children, a more quiet resort means less queues and less disruption. 

Taking your family somewhere with a large après-ski culture can be a negative, as the late night partying can disrupt yours and your children’s sleep, which is necessary for the next full day of activity!

 When travelling with your family, a quieter (and even pedestrianised) resort is your best choice.

Grab Your Family and Get Booking!

Now you know what factors to consider when fine tuning your search, you’re in a far better position now to give your family the best ski holiday they could possibly have.

When you’ve found your resort and you look into the accommodation, treat you and your family to a place that they can feel comfortable in and make their own.

Meribel and Courcheval in particular offer a range of stunning luxury chalets, equipped with catered meals, childcare services and private transfers to and from the airport.

 Dinner reservations, après-ski bookings and massage treatments will be arranged and booked on your behalf. On-site chefs will provide you breakfast, afternoon tea, pre-dinner canapes and a four course dinner – all based around your routine!

Those with children needn’t worry either – each chalet is catered towards keeping your children comfortable, and aims to work around your schedule.

 A dedicated team of qualified nannies can be booked whenever you need your children looked after, and drivers can assist with journeys to ski school.

So, book your family a treat with a luxury chalet with Alpine Infusion and give them the holiday of their lives at an ideal, family friendly resort.


Alpine Infusion provides award-winning luxury chalets dedicated to providing the utmost in luxury accommodation. Situated in both Meribel and Courchevel, the chalets offer private transfers to and from the airport, catered meals by a team of talented chefs, and childcare services from a dedicated, highly qualified team of nannies. With an abundance of character and charm, these luxurious chalets are sure to keep you in absolute comfort, serenity and luxury throughout your stay.

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