Beauty and the Piste

Beauty and the Piste - Chapter 3

Taking care of my skin in the winter is a major preoccupation. Add in the extra sunlight, snow glare (I think that is the term), wind and cold, my face experiences on a skiing holiday I find myself worrying about how to reduce this impact so that I return refreshed of face as well as body and mind.

Look, it's not such a worry that I won't be going skiing, perish the thought! I wondered if I was so worried, then maybe you might be too. 

I was beyond excited when Louise Thomas, the well-renowned skin therapist kindly agreed to share her top five tips for looking after winter skin ahead of the ski season. The lovely Louise has treated many happy customers including Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo and she is currently developing her own range of skin care products. I met Louise via a women's networking group to which we both belong and she so impressed me with her knowledge, enthusiasm and kindness. 

Here is Louise's advice and I think you're going to love it. 

Taking care of yoru skin this winter

We are once again on that slippery slope (pardon the pun) towards the start of the cold snap and if you're about to head off to the slopes then you definitely need to read on. There is no question that the cold air wreaks havoc on our skin and dryness can be a huge concern. Throw in the altitude change and some serious sun exposure and you've got some skin issues on your hands (actually your face!)

Let's get ahead of the game in anticipation of the outside temperatures dropping and the heating going on indoors. Here are some precautionary steps to take to prepare your skin for the cold front. 

Reanalyse your current skin care:

How do we know when it's time to change up our daily skin routine? You have to listen to your skin. If your skin doesn't feel comfortable, then a product isn't working how it is meant to. Does your skin feel tight? Is your skin experiencing excessive flaking? Are you producing more oil than normal? Yes dehydration and water loss increases oil within the skin! If the products aren't working listen to your skin. 

Be sure to perform your night time routine:

When the heating is on at night your skin has dry air blowing on it for about seven hours or more whilst you sleep. 

Most ski chalets have 24/7 heating!

The dry air looks for moisture wherever it can get it and this may mean taking it from your skin via the process of osmosis. 


Lady taking a bath in a chalet

This makes your night time skin care routine critical in the winter. You should be using a night time moisturiser (any without spf will be fine) that is appropriate for your skin type. Many believe that night time moisturiser has to be heavy, rich or oil based but that is not always true. Match your products to your skin type so you are giving your skin exactly what it needs. 

Use a humidifier:

Before switching to heavier products try out this secret simple solution. Put a humidifier in your room. if you are staying in a cosy candle lit chalet, then even standing some a bowl or two of water around the place will help. A humidifier puts moisture into their air, regulating your bedroom's environment.

This trick works for both dry skin and for those who are prone to breakouts. When we feel our skin getting drier our first idea is to use heavier, creamier products but these can increased clogged pores. Using this special trick (which is practically cost free!) you can grab more hydration for your skin. 

Incorporate more products into your skin care:

The basics of cleansing and moisturising may not be enough as your skin changes with the winter. Sun is a big factor when it comes to skiing. So applying moisturiser consistently is important but when your skin craves more hydration the answer is not to add more layers of moisturiser. 

The solution for alleviating tight dry skin is to use a speciality serum or elixir too. Use the serum under your moisturiser to hydrate the skin. Serum creates a damp layer which helps your skin absorb your moisturising product more effectively. 

You should also be using a physical sunscreen of an SPF of 30 all day on exposed areas whilst skiing. Look for ingredients such as zinc and titanium oxide, like the sunscreens Winternational sell

Switch to a milder cleanser:

I cannot stress enough the importance of not only washing your skin morning and night but also using a cleanser that will not dry the skin and cause damage.

Many foaming and gel cleansers are formulated with an ingredient called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. This is a surfactant, a cleansing agent that cuts oil. Putting it simply it is too harsh and can strip water out of the skin, leaving it dry, triggering the urgent creation of oil and shine. 

What you wash your skin with is the most important part of your skin care routine. Stripping your skin by using a harsh cleanser sends you running for the moisturiser. It makes no sense to put straight back on what you just took out. 

Choose either cleansing lotions or gel cleansers that avoid the above harsh ingredient. There are way better choices to effectively deep clean pores without robbing the skin of much needed water. 

Also ensure you are applying serums and moisturisers within 60 seconds of washing. Leaving the skin slightly damp allows your skin to absorb more moisturiser/serum more deeply. 

My final top tip is to try to indulge in oily fish, nuts and seeds as much as you can, despite the temptations of après ski!

Louise is so busy and is currently developing her own line of skin care products which I can't wait to try and I'm so grateful to her for sharing these fab tips. I'm really going to look out for more gentle cleansers and definitely will try the water bowl idea in my bedroom. What's the betting I trip over it! 

If you want to know more about Louise and her amazing skin treatments you can find out more at Louise Thomas Skin Therapy.

Let me know if you have any wonderful winter skin tips...I'd love to know and if it works for you, it might work for me or another of our customers. Sharing is caring ladies x

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