Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women Skiers

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women Skiers

Tamsin Burford
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Welcome to the top 10 Christmas gifts for women skiers. If you're looking for inspiration for what gifts to get this Christmas for the woman skier in your life then we can help.  With the holidays fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some great gifts for skiers. It’s no secret that I love skiing—I’ve been doing it since I was young! So today, we're going to chat about some great gifts for skiers and snowboarders you want to treat this Christmas. The new top of the pops is the Winternational top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women Skiers

1. Warm winter gloves and mittens

Steiner Radiator Heated Glove

Steiner Radiator Heated Glove


Baattery heated glove for skiing ST-GL0802 - Radiator Glove Electronic battery powered heating system 3 level heating control with optimum duration for 8.5 hours Easy reach on/off LED heating switch Soft-shell outer combined with leather palm 100g Primaloft™ insulation Gauntlet… read more

These are the warmest, coziest and most comfortable gloves I've ever worn. You will not regret buying these as Christmas gift for sure. They are terrific for women skiers as they fit perfectly and they're super soft, so they're perfect if you like wearing gloves that won't make your hands feel numb after even a short time of wearing them (like some other brands). I bought these to use while skiing in cold weather, but I've also found them useful when walking around during winter. I even use them for cycling too. The material is very good quality—it's thicker than most other gloves I've tried out—but it still feels nice and soft against my skin and there's no irritation whatsoever when I wear them over long periods of time (like days on end). Would you include these in your top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women Skiers? 

2. A Ski Helmet with Style

For Christmas what better gift can you get than one that offers safety and style? For women who want a helmet that is both stylish and functional, the Goldbergh Glam Ski Helmet with Visor delivers. This helmet is light and easy to wear, so you can forget you are wearing it at all—but don’t worry: when you need your head to be protected, this helmet will be there. The fit system makes sure that you get the best possible fit every time, while still allowing for some movement (so if you do fall on your head, there’s no chance of getting stuck in place). Venting provides good airflow for warmer days. And because it comes in black, it goes with pretty much anything. As a great gift this Christmas, we think this ski helmet fits the bill. In 2022 and onwards, you can be sure you have chosen one of the best women's ski helmets available. 

Goldbergh Glam Ski Helmet with Visor is in our top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women Skiers 2022

3. Gorgeous Silk Ski Thermals with Diamante 

S'No Queen is a great brand of base layers and silk thermals for women skiers. They have a wide range of styles and colours, they are super soft, comfortable and durable, affordable and fashionable. The sparkles provided by the diamante are uplifting and fun and help make these women's ski thermals a perfect Christmas gift. The soft silk blend fabric provides insulation and is stretchy and lightweight. In terms of a gift these thermals would be a lovely treat to pop under the Christmas tree. Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women Skiers list had to include sparkles, otherwise what kind of festive list would it be!

Sno Queen silk sparkling thermals feature in our top 10 christmas gifts for women skiers

4. Faux fur Earwarmers look cool but keep you warm!

Not only do our earmuffs help keep out the cold helping to prevent winter headaches and aching ears, we like to think that our earmuffs look pretty cute too. Some call them earwarmers but whatever you call them, these are soft and fluffy as they are covered in a luxury faux fur fabric and come in hot pink or a more understated black. You could easily wrap these babies up and pop them under the tree and they are so festive we jut had to include them in our top 10 of the best Christmas gifts for women skiers. We like to think they would suit everyone though, not just skiers. So if you know someone who suffers from the cold and always gets the dreaded winter ear ache, then these would be a lovely Christmas gift. 

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women Skiers - Earmuffs

5. Ski Socks

Don't worry about being boring and buying socks this Christmas! Not when they are gorgeous ski socks like ours! For day long comfort when skiing, ski socks are vital and that is why we selected these super ski socks in our collection of the top 10 Christmas gifts for women skiers. Ski socks insulate and protect the feet when you are skiing, not only that they help keep your feet warm and dry because of their wicking capacity. Need to know more about wicking? Read our technical article on fabrics and ski wear to be in the know. 

Falke SK2 Ladies Ski Wool Socks in Off White with Orange Neon

Falke SK2 Ladies Ski Wool Socks in Off White with Orange Neon


Wool ski sock for women Article number 16525 In off white neutral colour plus orange neon stipe and purple orchid panel Medium padding and insulation suitable for every recreational skier Wool is kind to sensitive skin Wicks moisture away well and offers warmth… read more

6. Bags, Rucksacks and More

For the perfect bag to take skiing, on the plane, travelling anywhere and everywhere, we kind of feel we have it nailed. Well perhaps not for a swanky event! You could pick a Christmas gift from one of our amazing bags. They are all highly water resistant and well made plus look pretty stylish too. We love the huge Tote style bag from Goldbergh that could be used as a carry on for the plane but the Goldbergh backpacks are wonderful too. A water resistant back pack can save the day when out skiing. Your phone, tissues, piste map and more all stay dry in our well insulated rucksacks. Plus for a skiing fashionista or ski bunny our ski belt bags are a wonderful gift and that is why they feature in our top 10 Christmas gifts. 

Top 10 Christmas gifts for women skiers bags and rucksacks and belt bags

7. Goggles in Gold, Black, Red, Pink and White

Our beautiful ski goggles feature amazing quality lenses so you can easily face many different mountain lights. The lens options are UV400, which blocks 100% of the sun's harmful rays to protect your eyes. Not only that, but they're also lightweight and comfortable!

In addition to being stylish and functional, these goggles are durable as well. They provide full coverage of your face while still being easy to clean after each use. Our ski goggles come in a protective case meaning they are even easy to wrap! The perfect Christmas gift some might say and yup, you guessed it....that's why we wanted to put these in our top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women Skiers

Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for women skiers ski goggles

8. Winter Boots - not just for Winter Walks and Snowy Days

We are very proud to have such an amazing collection of luxurious and sturdy winter boots from cool European brands like Olang, Inuikii and Goldbergh. Features include shearling linings for warmth and insulation as well as comfort. Non-slip reinforced soles keep you steady on the snow and ice. But style wise you wont have to keep our winter boots for the mountains as they are cool enough to wear everyday. Chunky soles and great vibes plus longlasting styles, mean your Christmas gift will last for years. Some of our winter boots for women are even on sale. 

Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for women skiers winter boots on sle

9. Winter hats are a winning gift

Where to start on winter hats....well think on it. Heads lose most of our bodyheat so what nicer way to give a Christmas gift to your lovely skier, than a wonderful winter hat that she can use not only on a ski holiday, but all through the winter. Our winter hats include some scattered with diamante, some with intarsia print in gold and other more subtle wool beanies. Most of our hats have fleece lining meaning they are as comfy as they are warm, and as soft as they are stunning to look at. 

Winter hats in our top 10 Christmas gifts for women skiers

10. Stuck on what to get the women skier in your life?

A gift card is the perfect option to leave your loved one the choice to select whatever their heart desires in our store. Gift cards last for one year so there is plenty of time to find the perfect ski wear. 

Gift cards are a lovely way to let your loved one choose and had to feature in our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for women skiers

So here we are leaving you festive and shopped and sorted! We hope we have helped and hope we have tempted you to purchasing something lovely for the woman skier in your life. Step away from the perfume and the usual gifts and look to our top 10 fab Christmas gifts for women skiers. What we have tried to do with our top 10 list of Christmas gifts ideas for women skiers is to provide suggestions for gifts that will last all winter long, last for more than a winter and will leave you being very popular! 

Winternational - the best ski wear for women

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