Is Poivre Blanc ski wear warm?

Is Poivre Blanc ski wear warm?

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Poivre Blanc ski wear is warm. Question answered, job done. But if you want to know more about this wonderful brand, then read on. We'll get more technical and give you more details of why Poivre Blanc ski wear is warm and so well suited for women skiers. 

You can buy Poivre Blanc ski wear from us at Winternational and we have customers coming back to us year after year to find another great piece of warm Poivre Blanc ski wear to add to their skiing wardrobe.  If you are looking for classic ski wear in feminine flattering styles, then you are in the right place. We also have a few items in our Poivre Blanc ski wear sale. There are hardly any pieces left so please don't hang about. 

Poivre Blanc warm ski wear sale

Is Poivre Blanc Ski Wear Warm?

We can definitively say Poivre Blanc ski wear is warm. The insulation they use to create their ski wear is lofted, meaning there is some space left within the padding. This space carries air which warms up, making ski wear from Poivre Blanc renowned for being warm. 

Not only is Poivre Blanc ski wear warm, it is also windproof and water resistant. These key features help keep you warm and dry on the slopes. Your ski jacket is a vital part of your skiing wardrobe and helps you fight the elements. 

But Poivre Blanc have also added ski thermals to help keep you warm on the slopes. This year we are proud to include them in our collection of the best ski thermals around. 

Poivre Blanc warm ski wear microfleece in red

Poivre Blanc Ski Wear Reviews

We have had some amazing reviews of our Poivre Blanc ski wear and would love to share them with you. 

"I am very pleased with my new Poivre Blanc Jacket. It's so warm, looks gorgeous on and runs true to size (I usually wear size 8 in most clothing and ordered an XS). The Winternational service was great overall- my ordered arrived quickly and it was easy to return the second jacket I had ordered for comparison. " Norah, Ireland.

"Poivre Blanc make warm ski wear and as I am always cold, they are my go to brand. Winternational has some of their nicest items and I always shop here!" Leila, London.

"My Poivre Blanc ski jacket was such a success. I didn't know this brand but fell in love with their calm designs and the fit was terrific on me. All in all I've now got the softshell ski pants and the bag plus some gloves. The fact that they are understated means you can create a whole outfit without looking too done! Thanks Winternational!" Cara, California

Poivre Blanc Black Stretch Ski Gloves

Poivre Blanc Black Stretch Ski Gloves


Poivre Blanc ladies black stretch ski glove Primaloft insulation Reinforced palm for longevity Waterproof and breathable Soft interior Metal brand label at top Outer 1: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane Outer 2: 100% Polyester Lining 100% polyester Insulation Primaloft padding Clasp to… read more

About Poivre Blanc

Poivre Blanc was originally set up in the south of France where they became famous for their t-shirts. Things have moved on a little now and despite offering tennis wear and golf gear, Poivre Blanc specialises in making warm ski wear that is relaxed, classic, longlasting and wearable. They focus on a few core colours and work hard at the insulation to create warm ski wear that is still fitting and not bulky. We have found over years of working with this brand, that their ski wear is very robust and fits true to size. The only item that is occasionally small are their ski pants, so be warned. Size up!

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