Ten tips for your first skiing holiday

Ten tips for your first skiing holiday

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Ten tips for your first skiing holiday from renowned writer and avid skier Clare Meaney. To make it a huge success, once you have booked your chalet or hotel, you might need to take some steps to make sure your ski holiday runs smoothly and you enjoy it as much as possible. Learning to ski can be very exciting, but at the same time it can be frustrating. Skiing is not easy to master and the initial learning curve can be quite steep.

Follow Clare's top 10 tips for your ski trip and you will become a happy and competent skier.

1. There are facilities within the UK where you can learn the basics. See the GO SKI GO BOARD to find your nearest places to learn.

2. Don’t let your friends or family “teach” you how to ski. There is a big difference between being able to DO something and being able to TEACH it. Always use a qualified instructor in the resort. They are professionals who will teach you properly. Your safety will be their primary concern. It’s not just about learning technique but about learning how to use the lifts safely and finding out which runs are appropriate for your ability.

 They'll know the best and safest runs plus how to get from a to b without taking you out of your depth. 

3. Don’t let anybody try to persuade you to ski on runs that you are not ready for. You might look fantastic in your Perfect Moment ski wear but being so scared that you freeze in terror is not part of the learning process.

 Confidence is key for a successful first skiing holiday but over-confidence can make it miserable and dangerous. 

4. Improve your fitness levels before you go. Skiing is a physically demanding sport and there is no substitute for prior preparation. Take care of yourself. Strengthen core, quads and back is our advice in our ten tips for your first skiing holiday checklist. Looking good whilst doing so is a plus! Goldbergh Activewear might be just what you need to spur you on. 

Goldbergh Activewear in ten tips for your first skiing holiday 

5. Kit yourself out with some decent equipment. Make sure that you buy a good quality ski suit that is insulated, breathable and waterproof. A cold and wet beginner is a miserable beginner. Luxury ski jacket and ski pants by Goldbergh would be perfect. Warm, waterproof gloves such as Snowlife are very important too. This duvet ski jacket by Perfect Moment is warm, downfilled and with the silver details, very stylish. This is a jacket to keep you warm when learning and breathable too so you should not overheat. 

Perfect Moment Apres Duvet ski jacket with silver details - you need a good jacket. This si one of our top ten tips for your first skiing holiday


6. Wear a ski helmet and ski goggles. There are numerous debates about this but in the end it comes down to common sense. You wouldn’t get in the car and not wear the seat belt.


Wear a ski helmet and ski goggles to stay safe on the ski slopes - one of the best top ten tips for your first skiing holiday

7. Don’t be tempted to drink at lunchtime. Staying on your skis whilst sober is enough of a challenge. If you are really tired by late afternoon, don’t be tempted to do one last run. It never ends well.

8. Take a small backpack, such as this handy Goldbergh bag to hold everything you might need. Don’t carry cameras or phones in your jacket pockets as they can cause internal injuries if you fall on them.

 Backpacks don't need to be large and cumbersome. Small and perfectly formed but adequate for taking your sunscreen, cloth for wiping goggles, lip balm, piste map and perhaps even a bottle of water. 

9. Be patient. Don’t try to run before you can walk. Learning to ski takes time and if you build some good foundations in the beginning, you will ultimately become a better skier.

 Practise the skills covered in your lessons. There's no shame in repeating familiar runs while you work on unfamiliar techniques. 

10. Once you’ve enjoyed a perfect day on the snow, at night you'll be raring to go.  Apres ski is all about looking just as good at night as you looked in the day. We will have you dressed in glamour from your head down to your toes!  S'No Queen thermals feature smattering of diamante to elevate your ski thermals to a party piece. 

 But if the return to the chalet is too tempting, you might want to take the time to stretch out at the end of the day. Its a great idea to relax with some yoga or pilates and prepare those muscles for the next day on the slopes. 

Sno Queen diamante thermals for apres ski

Hopefully you will develop not only a love of designer ski jackets, but also a lifelong love of the sport. Just like me!


Clare Meaney

Clare started her career on the sunny slopes of Switzerland at the age of 15. It wasn't the skiing itself that attracted her. It was in fact the stylish outfits. A neon pink ski suit with a neon pink hat was quite simply a girl's dream come true. Skiing suits have of course come a long way since then. Luxury ski jackets, with fur hoods, and fur collars take the glamour of ski fashion into a whole new world.

Clare Meaney Ski Journalist

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