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      From the old Norse meaning river or flow, FLŌA is a company built on the inspiration of Fergie Miller who spent 10 years at Base Camp teaching skiers and climbers. If there is ever a person who knows how important insulation is, it's Fergie.

      Whether you're a world class athlete, a dedicated sports professional or someone who enjoys adventure and the outdoors, FLŌA creates the active wear needed to enjoy the outdoors safe in the knowledge that you have the best clothing possible.

      At FLŌA this starts with the first layer you put on, and the last layer you take off. It's a foundation layer, or a second skin. The baselayer on which you build your layering system for your chosen action sport each and every day.

      FLŌA asks "Join us for the ride, find your flow and discover new horizons as you live life in the zone!"

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