Dermaltitude make non-greasy sunscreens and spf lip balms with hands free applicators especially formulated for skiers. Dermaltitude sun protection is environmentally friendly, kind to skin and full of anti-oxidants. 

      Having designed sunscreens for prestigious cosmetic brands including Avène, Laurence Roberty realised there was a gap in the market for “smart” sunscreens, capable of use in demanding sports and locations.  

      A simple brush is used to apply the sunscreen with no need to remove ski gloves. There's an easy locking system (patented by Dermaltitude) to ensure the sunscreen stays safe in your bag or pocket. 

      Dermaltitude's lip balm comes in a small box and requires only one hand to open. and it can also be applied to any area of sensitivity including cheekbones, nose and chin. This wonderful lip balm is designed so the contact area is wide so fast to apply.

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