The Best Black Ski Pants for Women this Winter

The Best Black Ski Pants for Women this Winter

Tamsin Burford
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We all wear black because it's flattering and slimming. It'll come as no surprise to you that at we sell more black ski pants for women than any other colour. More in fact than any other item! And I'm all for buying a truly versatile piece of clothing that will add to your wardrobe and be a friend for years to come.  

Because a black ski pant can go with pretty much any ski jacket you buy, you're top of the class in terms of value for money, flexibility and all that jazz. 

Livia Firth's "30 Wears" campaign is inspirational. We should want to make our clothes work harder for longer because it's good for our wallets and for the environment. Obviously we'd like the snow to keep falling so we all need to do our bit to help and reduce consumption. It makes sense to me to buy better. Ideally we choose garments that will work in a variety of ways and will last a long time. And so this is why I've written this article - to try to help answer some of those questions for a truly versatile piece of ski wear. 

And you might wish to take a couple of pairs of ski pants away with you. Going skiing for a week? Do you really want to wear the same pair of ski trousers every day? Most of our ski pants pack up really small. Small enough to fit in to your hand luggage. This means you can change your look or freshen up quickly and easily. 

None of the Winternational ski wear is cheap. But what you gain from products you purchase from us is quality, longevity and style. 

What we at Winternational do is offer you a selection of the finest ski wear from brands we know well, who make ski wear that lasts, that performs and that looks good on the slopes.

Bootcut suits everyone

So, I'd like to introduce you to the Pippa by Goldbergh as seen in this photo. 

Goldbergh Black Pippa and Hida jacket

I've worn this style of black ski pant for 8 years. For reference I'm a size 10-12 and 5'8" tall and I wear a size 10 long. They're beautiful, stunning, slim fitting, slightly boot cut and stylish. They work for the slim hipped and for the wider hipped as the fabric is stretchy and the seams at the sides and over the bum create a flattering shape. 

The Schoeller fabric is four way stretch, they are lined with a soft light brushed finish which is really warm. 

But if you prefer something with less seaming, then look at these beauties. Liz from Kelly by Sissy is nearly seam free and is high waisted for extra warmth and has this neat logo on the waistband. 

Kelly by Sissy black ski pantsKelly by Sissy black ski pant back view

Boyish Shapes

You can probably wear a lot in the Winternational store. We'd highly recommend the Rocky with leather knee pads for biker chic

Rocky ski pants

It goes without saying but we will... a bootcut shape, like the Pippa by Goldbergh can look elegant. But you can also invest in a more classic cuts such as this Poivre Blanc salopette. 

Poivre Blanc Black Salopettes for Women

Super Slim Fit Ski Pants with Stirrups

Skinny, body hugging, four way stretch, fleece lined and well insulated and waterproof, the Paris has it all. Just like the city itself! Not saying Paris the city is waterproof or fleece lined, now that would be weird. I love wearing these ski pants. They are a showcase item and one that makes me feel extra special. The streamlined look is unusual and the fabric is as hardwearing as many other ski pants out there. 

Goldbergh Paris ski pants

A Pop of Colour on Your Black Ski Pants

Finding all black too much? Then you might just like to consider these interesting options. Tiny pops of colour add interest and destabilize a one tone look. You might like to add in features such as a contrasting glove or mitten, backpack or even helmet to break up the monotone.  I find that slinging a backpack or belt bag on can add an interesting contrast to my look plus it is so helpful for storing those bits and pieces you may need during the day.

Offsetting your style with a contrast is an easy way to be extra chic

Longer Length Ski Pants for Taller Women Skiers

Don't fret! The Pippa and Paris both come in longer lengths and in a range of colours. The inside leg measurement is 80 cms in UK size 10. What is more, we are proud to say that some of our ski suits are also made in longer leg lengths. Please check out the Goldfinger ski suits in gold or in plain black to see just what we mean!

Goldbergh Goldfinger Longer Length One Piece Ski Suit for Women

Still have questions about which ski pant will suit you best?

You can reach me at or on 0044230610134. If some of these ski pants are out of your price range, don't forget...we've partnered with Klarna to offer payment plans so you don't need to pay everything right away. 

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