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How to care for your ski wear

How to care for your ski wear

End of season ski wear care or how to say thank you to your ski wear!

You've had the holiday, drunk the wine, had that disaster on the button lift that we'll say no more about and eaten fondue, cake, pizza and that funny thing you can't remember but was really nice. You've loved wearing your ski outfit and now it's time to look after your skiwear or to say thank you to your ski wear (if you like!) so that next season you are ready to look good on the slopes from the very first snowfall. Look we know what it's like when you get back from holiday. There are so many calls on your time  - the post, the pets, bills to pay, all that stuff to put away so that you can get on with things quickly. But please don't neglect your beautiful skiwear. We know you love it, we love it too and so fight that urge to pop it back in the wardrobe and get it out of sight. You've been doing a sport...probably working up a bit of a sweat and that is not just from the tension/nerves from looking down the slope and wondering how you were going to make it down! Your ski wear will look better and last longer if you can just spend a little time before putting it away. It's not complicated if you just follow our carefully written step by step list. Please refer to individual garment care labels but here are our top suggestions for care/maintenance and longevity. For your ski wear, not you!

Softshells, base layers and Schoeller pants

  • Machine wash at 30 ° C inside out ideally
  • Fasten zips, velcro & buttons before washing
  • Remove belts if present (if necessary wash these in a thin mesh bag to help prevent buckle getting scratched) 
  • Use a non-biological detergent without a softener, and preferably one with out phosphates or optical brighteners
  • Hang to dry - near a warm space to speed up drying
  • No ironing - yippee!
  • Fold gently when dry - do not squash
  • Please don't store in bright lights/sunshine for months at a time

Jackets and non-stretch pants

  • Machine wash at 30°C
  • Machine wash your ski wear on their own please
  • Remove fur from the ski jacket
  • Remove belt and pop in a mesh bag to try to prevent scratching to the buckle and to prevent it catching on other garments
  • Use a short programme
  • Before washing, fasten zippers, fasten velcro and turn the garment/s inside out
  • Launder using a non-biological detergent without softener, or phosphates, or optical brightening agents. 
  • Add a colour-fast wipe/towel if your clothing is multi-coloured or with a strong colour contrast (example: white/black, white/red etc)
  • We recommend an additional rinse to ensure complete removal of any residual detergent that contains wetting agents reducing water-repellency
  • Never let your wet clothing sit in your washing machine - it will make the multiple layers in your ski wear smell musty
  • Air dry ideally (or pop in the dryer according to the tag) - hang near a heat source such as a radiator
  • Please don't sun dry your ski wear - this is to prevent any colour degradation whilst the garment is damp
  • Always read the individual care labels on your ski wear - some garments may suggest dry cleaning or even that you may use a cool iron
  • Store your ski jacket on a wide shouldered hanger and in a suit carrier if necessary
  • Please don't store in bright light for months at a time
  • Ideally not a plastic bag or dry cleaning bag
  • If you have to fold your ski wear, please allow time for it to reshape after laundering
  • If you have folded your ski wear for the summer, prior to your next skiing holiday, please hang it up and let it reshape



    • Fur collars and fur trims on hoods are usually easily removable either by zippers or studs/poppers/snaps
    • Fake fur may be laundered by hand or in the machine at 30
    • Leave to air dry
    • Then brush through to revitalise and give back volume
    • Real fur may be cleaned by specialists
    • Or alternatively, use a product like "Terre de Sommière" which removes dirt - this can be shaken on, brushed through, left for a few moments and then gently vacuumed off
    • Shake and smooth to revitalise
    • Please don't store in bright light or sunshine for months at a time


    • With softer cashmere, always use a Cashmere comb (not a shaver or de-bobbler) Marielle at Wyse London suggests that a pony wool comb best (available from Amazon/John Lewis) and after a few wears, comb to renew initial pilling.
    • Wash in wool wash program, at no more than 30 degrees with no more than 800rpm spin. Put cashmere in a mesh washing bag (available from Amazon/John Lewis) which protects the garment from being over spun. Marielle from Wyse uses Johnson's baby shampoo. It's very mild and inexpensive. 
    • Dry flat on a radiator
    • Tamsin, founder of Winternational, irons hers with a cool iron

    Leather mittens and gloves

    • Air post ski holiday - we open ours wide and leave over a warm (not hot) radiator
    • We use a neutral leather polish which we wipe on with a soft cloth and remove with a soft cloth/ very soft brush
    • Do not leave in a plastic bag but in an aerated bag or hang on a hanger with your ski jacket/ski pants

    Ski Helmets

    • Wipe the outside of your ski helmet with a damp cloth
    • Dry with a soft cloth
    • Wipe over the inside area with a barely damp cloth, particularly the ear pieces
    • Clean lenses (if your helmet came with lenses) with a suitable goggle cleaning cloth/products (no harsh cleaning products or cloths please!)
    • Leave to dry
    • Replace inside aerated bag helmet was delivered in
    • Ensure googles are protected from damage whilst being stored
    • It is important to replace your ski helmet if it's damaged - even if the damage is invisible/imperceptible
    • In general, we have been informed that ski helmets should be replaced every 5 years because of exposure to the elements (UV, moisture), unseen damage

    Tech wash and reproofing

    • Various products exist for adding technical capabilities back to your garments
    • Some people use some these on their ski wear after a few years of wear to add life to their ski wear
    • We've tried down proofing washes and tech washes and have found them to be successful in prolonging the life and performance of used ski wear

    Do you have any top ski wear care tips? We'd love to hear them and we know our other customers would too! 

    Lots of love,

    Team Winternational x




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